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145 Offshore, the need to reduce costs through scale and standardisation has driven up sizes of turbines as well as of projects.
18; from Jan Dodd, Saudi Arabia announces 400MW tender, Windpower Monthly, 3 February 2017, ; and from Reem Shamseddine, Saudi Aramco, GE to launch Saudi Arabias first wind turbine next month, Reuters, 18 December 2016.
Production decreased slightly in 2015, to 52 million tonnes, and a similar quantity is estimated to have been produced in 2016.The Netherlands added a net of 600 MW offshore, from Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek,.However, relatively few of the countries that installed wind power capacity during the year decommissioned previously existing capacity.Press release (Brussels:, and from country-specific sources cited in this section.The well successfully found supercritical fluid at a temperature of 427C, with promising characteristics for energy production.However, concord is not preventative, but punitive, meaning there is a short window between beginning an attack and getting destroyed where a player (or group of) can destroy another player's ship.71 Together, CO2 and H2S comprise more than 80 of the off-gases at the countrys geothermal plants.71 Bundesnetzagentur, Geöffnete Ausschreibung mit dem Königreich Dänemark, updated new york slot machine laws 21 December 2016,.Note 1; SolarPower Europe, Global Market Outlook for Solar Power: (Brussels: 2016 Gregory.39 gwec, Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016 (Brussels: 2016 ; Feng Zhao, FTI Consulting, personal communication with REN21, ; gwec,.29 The European Union (EU-28) was again the second largest regional market after Asia, with estimated gross additions.8 GWth (approximately.5 million.4 lower than in 2015.) While China continued to dominate both the use and manufacturing of solar PV, emerging markets on all continents have begun to contribute significantly to global growth.

19 The decrease in Brazils solar thermal market was relatively small (-7) considering the countrys ongoing economic and political crises and the slowdown of the social housing programme Minha Casa Minha Visa (My House, My Life which mandated solar water heaters in new buildings for.
51 Portugal started operating the 189 MW Baixo Sabor pumped storage plant and completed construction of the 780 MW Frades II station (also known as Venda Nova III with the latter entering service in early 2017.
Drivers for offshore wind in the country include proximity of good offshore resources to population centres, from DOE, eere,.