Poke out my mind's eye

poke out my mind's eye

Dallas Morning News see the recent article: Bad Knees?
One day Walter Dandy was riding up a lift at Heavenly Valley and noticed how much his thighs hurt after a run in the heavy Sierra snow.
Is that a coincidence or placebo, or is there a rational explanation?
(no) skin off (someones) nose/teeth - of no interest or concern or trouble to someone It is no skin off my nose if I go to the party or not.Play it by ear - to decide what to do in a certain situation when you are already involved in the situation, to not plan in advance for something, to improvise We can play it by ear and decide what to do after we meet.The rest is up to the theologians.Without batting an eye - casually, without showing alarm or response or thought The wealthy man gives much money to charity without batting an eye.You can gain strength with anaerobic exercise, the heavy, grunting, painful kind favored by weight lifters and sprinters who need those quick explosive moves.Have (someone's) ear - to be able to get someone to listen to you (usually someone who has the power or ability to help you) Our supervisor has the company president's ear and he can talk to him anytime.I could barely fit him in my mouth, but I had to try.Have one's eye on (someone or something) - to watch someone or something carefully, to take care of someone or something The woman had her eye on her baby as she talked on the telephone.With a jaundiced eye - with a prejudiced or distorted way of seeing something My friend is very smart although he always looks at things with a jaundiced eye.(not) bat an eye/eyelid - to show no surprise or reaction even when something bad happens My boss did not bat an eye when I told him that I was going home early today.Get a black eye - to get a bruise near one's eye from being hit, to have one's reputation harmed licence casino france The little boy got a black eye when he bumped into the door.