Poke slang definition

A slow or dawdling person; slowpoke.
To go or proceed in a slow or aimless way (often followed by along).Times, Sunday Times (2012)You can imagine my dismay as the years slipped by and twitter pmu poker no flame poked up his head.To thrust obtrusively: The prosecutor kept poking his finger at the defendant.Times, Sunday Times (2011)But out on the grassy fields, impressive numbers of snipe poked and probed about.And I broke ALL OF them!Christopher Nolan Uncut: On Interstellar, Ben Afflecks Batman, and the Future of Mankind Marlow SternNovember 10, 2014 daily beast But when the pageant itself starts to poke fun at the contestants, organizers should expect that they will lose all credibility.Blonde: Whats The Difference?Children of the Bush Henry Lawson Under her poke bonnet I saw her meekly parted hair and her faded cheeks, flushed now with a hectic colour.Times, Sunday Times (2016)The owner of a local gun shop pokes his head out of the door suspiciously as I take a photograph of his frontage.Verb (used without object poked, poking.Epic Meal Empires Meat Monstrosities: From the Bacon Spider to the Cinnabattleship Harley MorensteinJuly 26, 2014 daily beast The building is festooned with cartoon-like images of fish, including dorsal fins loterie immigration canada that poke out of the roof.Hence slowpoke, and.Nesbit The Treasure Seekers (1899)One mannequin has a taped mouth and a missing hand, while an arm pokes from a drawer.The Sun (2015)From then on, it was a matter of watching the fire, poking in more sticks as the embers burnt low.I Trapped A poke hater In My *secret* escape room!Also called poke bonnet.Times, Sunday Times (2010) Legs and arms were poking and floating, defying laws of human biology and gravity.This Weeks Word of the Day Quiz Might Make You Tootle Word of the Day gabelle Blond.Times, Sunday Times (2009)We held our breath and listened and then came another noise, like some one poking a fire.
A poke hater Made bloxburg rules.

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